95Network exists to encourage and equip the 95% to move toward their redemptive potential. We can't wait to introduce you to all that is coming in 2017 that will allow us to serve you better.

Take a quick look around our site - and shoot us a note if you would like to talk more!



Who is 95Network?

95Network was designed from the ground up to intentionally serve the 95% of churches in the United States that would be considered small or medium in size (based on average weekend attendance).

How do we help the smaller church?

Essentially, we at 95Network desire to provide small and medium size churches and their leaders access to the tools and resources churches and pastors need at a price they can afford, even at no cost when possible.

What are they saying?

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95Network is working with a number of churches across Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Alabama with the intention of growing into other regions as God allows. Check out what folks are saying about us!