Dirt Matters addresses the importance of church culture and associates it with the practical and biblical metaphor of soil. Jesus used the analogy of soil to state that the key to fruit-bearing is the ground in which the seed is planted. It really doesn’t matter how you plant the seed; the main thing is the dirt it falls on. Without good soil, the harvest is limited.

Just as soil is a key variable that influences the outcomes of a field, the culture of a congregation establishes the environment that often predetermines the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of God’s Word in that body of believers. More so than issues of style, presentation, or methodology, the culture of a congregation has a direct influence on its health, vibrancy, and effectiveness.

As the foundational text for all we do at 95Network, Dirt Matters explains and illustrates the importance of church culture, connecting it to a simple analogy that anyone can understand. It also shares how it is possible to cultivate and nurture a healthier environment that can put you and your church in a better position to bear fruit for God’s glory.