We exist to inspire, encourage, and equip leaders from small & mid-size churches to move toward their redemptive potential.


What is 95Network?

95Network was designed from the ground up to intentionally serve the 95% of churches in the United States that would be considered small or mid-size (based on average weekend attendance). We do not believe ‘bigger is better.’ Rather, we desire to help churches discover who God has called them to be, wherever they fall on the size chart. 





Our Team

Jim Powell, Founding Director

Both a strategic and visionary leader, Jim has a heart for helping small and mid-size churches move toward their redemptive potential. He has a passion to see the Church grow, not just in numbers, but also in maturity. To that end, he founded 95Network – a non-profit organization designed to inspire, encourage, and equp pastors and church leaders and promote a healthier church culture through the services we provide.

Jim has a grand vision for where 95Network is headed as an organization. He dreams big and works hard to see those dreams come to fruition, all while maintaining a unique humility and strong dependence on God’s strength, wisdom, and timing. He is also the lead pastor at Richwoods Christian Church in Peoria.


Ken Stewart, Managing Director

Ken has worked alongside Jim in various roles for more than 12 years now and has been a part of 95Network’s organic development practically since its inception. In 2015, he was the first coach entrusted (beyond Jim) to carry our flagship message to congregations through the Comprehensive Calling Discernment Process. This past summer, he worked to develop our first 95Conference and defined our coach development strategy. In early November of 2016, he was asked to formally come on board as our Managing Director.

Ken is responsible for designing infrastructure, developing coaches, and implementing processes that will provide stability and sustainability to 95Network. Because of his skillset, experience, and passion for the churches we serve, he remains on our coach roster as well.

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