Athletes understand the importance of having a coach - a person that believes in them and can more objectively see things that they cannot. At all levels of sport, the coach's role is indispensable because there is something incredibly powerful about a third-party perspective; a perspective that has the athlete's best interest in mind and flows out of experience on the field of play.

The same is true in the arena of church leadership. 

95Network exists to inspire, encourage, and equip leaders, to help them reach their redemptive potential, and the most effective transfer of these offerings comes through a coaching relationship.

Our two primary coaching tracks are:

  • The Comprehensive Calling Discernment Process - a 12-month engagement dedicated to the discovery and discernment of your church's God-given identity and purpose
  • Healthy Church Boards - an 8-month engagement designed to help your board transition in their leadership style and effectiveness

We also offer consultation for church leadership and individualized coaching for senior leaders. If you would like to discuss options for your particular situation, take the first step and schedule a call!