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Frequently Asked Questions: (your churches' struggles)

How do I grow my church? We answer this in our exclusive video footage of both conferences with guest speaker >>>>>>>

When do I build a discipleship program? Each journey is unique. We are able to have healthy dialogue around this big topic in our Facebook Group and provide support and ideas from your peers. Guides and resources are also provided to assist you.

My volunteers are amazing, we have limited resources. How can I support them more? Volunteers are the backbone of any church community. We provide several ideas to breath life into your programs and encourage impactful leaders to stay involved.

We look forward to diving into more of your questions in the 95Network Members Group. Throughout the week we provide support in our exclusive Facebook Group designed for Senior Church Leaders Only. In addition, once a month we will come together on a conference call where we we will dive into one teaching with one of our coaches or Pastor Jim. We are here to support you in the calling you've been given.