Our Vision

Our BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) is to directly impact 5,000 churches over the next 15 years! 

Over the next decade and a half, we will provide 5,000 churches access to best practices, encouragement, candid feedback, practical content, and field-tested direction that will equip them to be the life-giving, Kingdom-building church we believe God has called them to be.

Our Mission

Helping Churches and Church Leaders
Reach Their Redemptive Potential

95Network was born out of a passion to come alongside the underserved 95% of churches considered small or mid-size to help them become healthy, Kingdom-minded churches making a strategic difference in their communities.

Our Heart

  • We believe 95Network has been given a God-ordained calling, and we want to be obedient to the burden he has placed on our hearts for small and mid-size churches.
  • We love helping churches and leaders.
  • We believe these churches have more potential than they realize. We want to come alongside them and help them find their unique voice and calling, equipping them with the resources and tools they need.
  • We know that most small and mid-size churches struggle with financial resources – we’ve been there! We want to help them by openly sharing what we have been fortunate to learn along the way. And we are compelled to do so at an affordable and reasonable cost.
  • Not one of us is meant to be an outlier or a lone ranger. We are common people that God wants to use to his glory (Acts 4:13), and we need models to follow. It makes sense to learn from those that have been down the path and from leaders that can relate to the unique challenges of ministry. We speak out of more than just theory – it comes from the overflow of our hearts and our direct experience.
  • Through 95Network membership (coming soon!), we can introduce you to many other churches and leaders that can serve as models for the 95% – a growing network of contacts that are eager to help one another on the road less traveled.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors (left to right) are: Bruce Douglas, Dale Reiser, Jim Powell, Tim Barnes, Paige Heitzman, John Wieland, and Dale Sellers (not pictured).